1. What are Lash Extensions? 

They are the first innovation in lash lengthening that can be worn daily, without nightly removal. Each lash extension is applied to a single natural lash, the final result is of effortless glamour and difficult to detect even close up.

 2. How long do they last?

When properly applied, lash extensions can be worn throughout the year with proper maintenance. Touch-ups are recommended after the initial full set application to refill any lashes that have cycled out. To maintain the full, thick appearance of a new set of lashes a visit of every 2-3 weeks is recommended.

3. What should I do prior to my appointment?

Try to arrive without any eye makeup, no contact lenses and do not curl your lashes that day. However, if it's not possible, fear not! We have all we need at Blink to get you prepped for pretty!

4. How should I care for my lashes? 

{ first 24 hours } Avoid showering, steam rooms, massages and facials after lash application. Do not wet the lashes and absolutely no crying! { after 24 hours } • Use an oil-free makeup remover to keep your eyes clean. It’s also a great way to remove your eye makeup.

5. How do I make my lashes last as long as they possibly can? 

Avoid touching, rubbing your eyes or any waterproof mascara. Dirt and grime can disintegrate the glue and many eyeliners are oil-based. This isn't to say DON'T, however keeping the lashes free of oil and dirt will definitely add to their longevity.

6. Do lash extensions cause your lashes to fall out? 

The application of lash extensions will not cause hair loss, nor will it cause eyelashes to fall out. However, if you pull them out, well, then... you've pulled them out! Remember that your natural lashes have their own life cycle of falling and growing - like the hair found elsewhere on your body. It's hard to notice small lashes falling out, but when attached to a thicker, longer lash it's hard not to notice! And of course, once the extensions are removed, your own eyes may appear smaller, your natural lashes, shorter and sparser because you've been accustomed to a full set of longer, thicker lashes! Some use extensions for special occasions, others are addicts for life! 


Get long, lucious, beautiful lashes, customized just for you. From natural to dramatic, no matter what look you desire you will get the lashes of your dreams. Applied only by a Trained and Cerified Professional.